I work with the Imaginary Archives of our Collective Pictorial Memory

My work explores subtle relationships between body, intimate and collective memory. In a sort of hyper-attentive perception strechting from immediate reaction to supposed amnesia I merge diverse narratives into polyphonic visions. While seeking to capture the fictions, moods and abysses of an image it is the intriguing emotional exchange that matters in my artistic decisions. I think of pictures as opaque and transparent. I think of darknesses that open up, of surfaces eroding. I am interested in ambiguous context, in thresholds and liminality, in crossing lines, shifting from a simulated distance, as if in a mirrorIt's an imaginative setup allowing for unconscious memories to unfold. I mainly work with photography and digital transformation processes, but also with painting, film and various other media. My approach is ultimately timeless, whereas my tools and materials may infinitely change.